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Being charged with a crime is one of the most stressful and worrying things a person can experience. A criminal conviction has ripple effects that impact your entire life – far more than just jail time and fines. Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI or another criminal offense, time is of the essence. One of the most important choices you can make is finding the right Orange County criminal defense attorney.

We understand how stressful it is to be charged with criminal activity, but we also know the steps that must be taken immediately in order to secure the best chance for an acquittal at your trial.

By contacting us, you can fight back against Orange County’s rigid and often unfair criminal justice system. We’ll put your needs ahead of our own and do everything in our power to help you see freedom. The good news? You can contact our law firm right away if you’re worried about being charged with a criminal act or are in police custody.

The Unfair Practices of California’s Criminal Justice System

There’s one thing you should be aware of if you’re ever in trouble with the law: the California criminal justice system is not on your side and is, in fact, full of unfair practices designed to work against you. While it’s certainly possible to find justice with the help of criminal defense attorneys in Orange County, the deck is not stacked in your favor.

This isn’t an unfounded assertion. It’s supported by raw data and statistical facts.

High Incarceration Rates

One only needs to look at the massively high incarceration rates in California compared to the rest of the country and even to other NATO countries. On average, California maintains an incarceration rate of 581 individuals per 100,000 citizens of the population.

What about the greater United States? The entire country has an average incarceration rate of 698 people per 100,000. That’s right – California alone has almost the same incarceration rate as the entire United States!

It gets even worse when you look at data from other NATO countries. For instance, the United Kingdom has an incarceration rate of 139 per 100,000. Portugal has a rate of 129, followed by Luxembourg at 115 and Canada at 114.

While it’s true that California has a greater population than some NATO countries, it’s also true that there’s something clearly wrong with California’s criminal justice system and over-incarceration tendencies.

Black Individuals are Incarcerated at a Higher Rate than Other Ethnicities

Even worse than this fact is the uncomfortable truth that California incarcerates African-Americans at a much higher rate than other ethnicities. According to data from 2010, California incarcerates about 3036 African-American individuals per 100,000.

Compare this to California’s incarceration rates for other major ethnicities:

  • White people: 453 per 100,000
  • Hispanic people: 757 per 100,000
  • American Indian/Alaskan Native: 996 per 100,000

No other ethnic group comes close to the level of unfair incarceration that African-Americans face on a daily basis. This is just more evidence that California’s criminal justice policies are designed to boost incarceration numbers, not to ensure a fair shake when you head to court.

Pre-Trial Policies Artificially Boost Incarceration Rates

It gets even worse. The criminal justice system is supposed to be fair and balanced. But recent evidence suggests that aggressive and unfair pretrial policies have caused higher than average incarceration rates across California.

These pretrial policies make it easier for prosecutors to send accused individuals straight to jail without cause. In many cases, individuals are unable to leave jail since they don’t have the cash to make bail. Just take a look at the chart below and see for yourself.

There was, as you can see, a massive spike in pretrial incarceration rates starting around the year 2000. This trend has largely continued to the present day.

The Three Strikes Law

Why exactly does California have such Draconian incarceration rates? In large part, it’s due to California’s “Three Strikes” sentencing laws. These laws were first enacted in March 1994.

In a nutshell, these sentencing laws significantly increase the prison sentences for defendants that are convicted of new felonies if they have already been convicted of one or more serious felonies or violent crimes in the past. They outline extremely harsh and strict sentencing guidelines for judges – as an example, defendants convicted of felonies with at least one strike on their records may be sentenced to prison for twice the amount of time that would normally be applied in that circumstance.

An individual is theoretically allowed “two strikes” or serious felonies in the past. If that same individual is convicted of a third felony, they may automatically be sentenced to a life sentence in prison.

Furthermore, felonies under Orange County law are punishable by state prison sentences instead of county jail sentences, which separates people from their families for longer periods. California’s Three Strikes laws may apply to a very wide range of crimes that may be considered serious or violent penalties, including:

  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Residential burglary
  • Arson
  • Murder
  • The majority of sex offenses, including child molestation and rape
  • Offense with personal weapons
  • Offenses that result in significant bodily injuries
  • Crimes involving explosive devices

Furthermore, any attempts to commit the above crimes may also constitute serious felonies under the Three Strikes sentencing laws.

Bottom line: California’s criminal justice system does not work for you. That’s why it’s imperative to have a skilled Orange County criminal defense attorney on your side.

Criminal Penalties in Orange County

Orange County’s criminal justice system is especially tough on crime. Even first-time misdemeanor offenses may incur serious penalties, including jail time, high fines, probation, prison sentences, and much more.

Even worse, many of Orange County’s criminal or DUI conviction penalties may impact your personal and professional life. Convicted defendants may:

  • lose their job or professional licenses
  • be forced to live with criminal records
  • lose some of their civil rights
  • lose the right to sit on a jury
  • lose the right to possess or own a firearm
  • and more

The truth is that the criminal justice system often makes mistakes. Bad things also often happen to good people. More importantly, good people sometimes make mistakes. But Orange County’s criminal justice process leaves no room for moderation or nuance.

Indeed, the police who may arrest you for an alleged crime will often have no sympathy for your position – their job as professionals is to gather evidence to be used against you in a court of law.

This is why it’s crucial to have your own professional Orange County criminal defense attorney or DUI attorney on your side. Immediate action is often required if you want to defend your rights and avoid the penalties described above. No one deserves to be punished so harshly for first offenses or minor crimes, and with skilled Orange County criminal defense lawyers, you’ll have a greater chance of avoiding a conviction.

Immediate Steps After Being Arrested

If you’re ever arrested for an alleged crime, you must keep your wits about you and immediately take action to defend your rights. There are two critical steps you must remember in the immediate aftermath of your arrest.

Say Nothing – Avoid Talking to Police Without Your Lawyers!

Firstly, remember that everything you say can and will be used against you during your court trial. The police are never interested in assisting you or helping you avoid a conviction, even if they claim otherwise. This is one of the reasons why police are required to read you your Miranda rights – these include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

It may be very tempting to start professing your innocence to the authorities, especially if you have never been arrested for a crime in the past. But you must remember that it’s always better to stay silent until your legal representation arrives. Even honest individuals may accidentally say something incriminating that can make their upcoming court case much more difficult to win.

Police are allowed to question you before your attorney arrives. But they aren’t allowed to force answers out of you or threaten you with additional legal action if you refuse to answer their questions.

However, you must remember not to lie to the police directly or willfully, “resist, delay or obstruct” a police officer in the performance of their duties. Obey their physical orders, do what is necessary to stay safe, and do not speak any more than that.

Once they arrive, your Orange County criminal defense attorney or DUI attorney can give you advice about your statement and help you avoid incriminating yourself.

Hire Orange County CA Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers

Of course, hiring an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney for your case is crucial. With cases as complex as criminal defense cases, and with so much on the line, it’s always a better idea to hire experienced criminal defense attorneys who have years of practice beating the criminal justice system and securing justice for their clients.

This is especially true since Orange County’s laws are often changing and updating. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for regular individuals to successfully represent themselves in court.

Seyb’s criminal defense lawyers have a clear understanding of the law, know exactly what it takes to help you find freedom, and can ensure that your case is given the best chance of success possible. Furthermore, we’ll work with you every step of the way and explain our strategies so you can feel confident in the upcoming case.

The same is true for Orange County DUI attorneys. Getting out of a DUI conviction can be difficult, even if it’s your first offense or if there’s minimal evidence against you. Judges and California’s Three Strikes laws are particularly harsh on this point.

However, Seyb’s DUI defense attorneys can help put together an airtight case that stands the best chance of rolling up in court when your trial date rolls around. The Seyb Law Group is your best chance to avoid a conviction in Orange County’s criminal justice system, so be sure to contact us ASAP if you’re ever taken into police custody.

Defense Strategies for Orange County Criminal Cases

Being accused of a criminal action can feel devastating, especially if you’re a law-abiding individual and you’ve led a straight-arrow life. But there is hope. In fact, throughout our years of experience, we’ve discovered that many prosecutors rely on shaky cases from the get-go. They may say that they have everything they need for a conviction, but they’re more than likely only doing so for intimidation.

With skilled Orange County California criminal defense lawyers on your side, you’ll be able to benefit from our extensive expertise in all types of criminal law. Not only do we know the kinds of tricks that Orange County prosecutors love to play on defendants, but we’re also well versed in a variety of criminal defense strategies we can employ for your benefit.

We can represent clients in all types of criminal cases, including:

Top Defense Strategies for Orange County CA Criminal Cases

To maximize your chances of hearing an acquittal, the Seyb Law Group has many strategies we can employ on your behalf. Here are just a few examples of the types of criminal defense strategies we utilize in cases for our clients.

DUI Test Results Were Faulty

Many police officers mishandle evidence or apply DUI tests incorrectly. Since this evidence is required to prove in court that you were intoxicated beyond a reasonable doubt, your case may result in an acquittal if the prosecution cannot prove that the test was administered perfectly.

Not Enough Evidence

Many criminal defense or DUI cases are sent to trial without the prosecution having gathered enough evidence for a conviction. Our knowledgeable attorneys know exactly what is required to prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. If enough evidence doesn’t exist, we can help you avoid a conviction.

Miranda Rights Were Violated

Your Miranda rights are sacred, but police officers routinely violate them in an attempt to gain additional evidence to work against you. Our lawyers can point this out and weaken the prosecution’s case as a result.

Mitigating Circumstances

Many criminal justice cases are sent to trial without considering mitigating circumstances. There are situations, however rare, when certain criminal actions may be necessary to secure the safety of yourself or someone else. Our criminal defense lawyers can show how potentially illegal actions were actually necessary in certain, life-threatening circumstances.

No Probable Cause

The police can also mishandle a case if they stop you without probable cause. Police officers are not allowed to stop anyone for any reason – they must have a good reason to do so. Our criminal defense attorneys can help show that police officers in your case stopped you for no reason at all or, even worse, due to racial bias.

How Seyb Law Group Can Help with Your Orange County CA Criminal Defense or DUI Case

Most criminal defense cases are more complicated than they seem on the surface. Furthermore, individuals without backgrounds in criminal justice usually can’t present effective defenses for their cases. The stakes in these cases are extremely high – even if you don’t have three strikes per California’s laws, any prison sentence irreversibly alters your life and future prospects.

It’s for both of these reasons that it’s always advisable to contact skilled Orange County criminal defense attorneys whenever you’re accused of a crime or taken into police custody. Remember the facts: the Orange County criminal justice system isn’t on your side and the police are looking to collect evidence against you.

But Seyb Law Group is a chance to even the odds and tip the scales of justice back in your favor. Seyb Law Group’s attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience in the criminal defense arena. We’ve seen it all and are ready and willing to put that expertise to use for your case.

Best of all, we offer a free and no-obligation consultation. You’ll be able to meet with our attorneys and get a straightforward answer as to your case’s chances and potential strategies before paying a dime.

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The Orange County criminal justice system can be harsh and unyielding. That’s why it’s crucial that you hire skilled, knowledgeable Orange County criminal defense attorneys from Seyb Law Group right away if you’ve been charged with a crime or taken into police custody.

Our attorneys can work with you to create a case that stands the best chance of receiving an acquittal on your court date. While winning criminal trials can be difficult, the Seyb Law Group has earned a reputation for aggressive and successful criminal defense over decades of practice.

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