Has Your Child Been Arrested for Juvenile Crimes in Orange County?

When a minor is arrested in Orange County, his or her future hangs in the balance. Seyb Law Group understands the stakes, and vows to vigorously defend against juvenile crimes charges in order to prevent a tragic outcome.

Juvenile crimes can have serious consequences. While most juvenile crimes are adjudicated as a civil delinquency proceeding rather than a criminal trial, sometimes a delinquency proceeding leads to a transfer to adult criminal court. Other times, prosecutors attempt to bypass juvenile court altogether and file charges directly in criminal court.

The consequences of a delinquency proceeding can be devastating – even if the case never moves into the criminal arena. A child can be incarcerated, detained, or sentenced to probation, treatment, or community supervision. Adults can also be held criminally liable for a child’s delinquency if their lack of supervision allowed the crime to happen.

If your child has been charged with juvenile crimes in Orange County, you need to contact Seyb Law Group immediately.

When your son or daughter is represented by Seyb Law Group, you can rest assured that we will do our best to keep the child in the juvenile system, to mount a rigorous defense, and to ensure that you’re not held liable for his or her crime.

Instruct your child not to speak to law enforcement. He or she has the right to remain silent. Once you’ve retained Seyb Law Group, we will provide counsel and advice.

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I had a felony and a misdemeanor charge against me, one for a DUI and another for domestic violence. CallIng Seyb Law Group was the best thing I ever did, they fought for me and got my charges significantly reduced AND kept me out of jail!! God bless you and thank you so much for what you guys did and getting me through this traumatic event. ” – J.T. Anaheim

Case Results

We've won 1000's of criminal & DUI cases in Orange County. Here are just a few recent victories:
  • DUI with Injury - Reduced to Wet & Reckless/No Jail
  • Domestic Violence – Reduced to Infraction/Classes Taken
  • Assault / Battery - Case Dismissed
  • 1st DUI .12 BAC - Charges Dropped
  • Grand Theft - Reduced to Infraction

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