Getting arrested and charged with a crime in San Bernardino is emotional and daunting. One minute you’re free, and the other handcuffed – not to mention the potential life-altering uncertainties.

Beyond the fines, you can lose your freedom to vote, possess or own a firearm, practice under your professional license, and so on.

While an arrest doesn’t make you guilty of the alleged crime, it’s in your best interest to hire a hard-hitting criminal lawyer. Under no circumstances should you leave the fate of your career, reputation, and freedom at the mercy of the judicial system.

The stakes are even higher in San Bernardino County due to the “Three Strikes” sentencing law. Depending on your “Strike” priors, you could be looking at a minimum of 25 years in jail. That means time is of the essence, and you should contact a skilled San Bernardino criminal lawyer promptly.

At Seyb Law, we understand the emotional roller coaster you may be going through upon arrest. The fear of facing jail time, leaving your loved ones behind. We also understand the need for hope and support in such trying times – and we offer both abundantly.

Our hard-hitting San Bernardino criminal lawyers are always ready to help throughout the process, guide you when making critical decisions, and fight for you tirelessly until the end of your case. Not once do we leave our future at the mercy of the criminal justice system.

Why Hire Seyb Law Group?

  • We never lag, bluff, or under-deliver. Ours is to come through when it matters and win tough cases.
  • We prioritize quality over quantity, and thus, handle every aspect of your case personally.
  • We are known for passionate, comprehensive, and committed litigation
  • Our San Bernardino criminal lawyers have over 60 years’ collective criminal defense experience.
  • Our numbers speak for us. We have won hundreds of criminal cases, obtained dismissals for others, and reversed wrongful convictions throughout San Bernardino County.
  • Our legal team provides customized services and works strategically to protect your interest throughout the prosecution process.
  • We provide honest, timely, and continuous communication at every turn.
  • We cover multiple criminal offenses, including theft, weapon charge, sex crime, immigration, felonies, DUI, drugs/possession, and domestic violence.

San Bernardino County Criminal Penalties Are Harsh, With Severity Depending On The Crime


When you plead guilty or get convicted in San Bernardino, the resulting penalty is dependent on factors such as:

  • Your criminal record
  • The gravity of the alleged crime
  • Extralegal factors like age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, school grades

So depending on the alleged crime, you could be facing probation, hefty fines, mandatory drug screenings, lengthy jail time, and other crime-specific penalties.

If charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs, for example, you can face:

  • 2-3 years in California state prison
  • Up to $20,000 in fines

If you’re a first time DUI offender, you can face:

  • 3-years probation
  • 3-month drug/alcohol program
  • Fines and penalties up to around $1906
  • 6-month driver license suspension, and
  • 2-days in prison (which can be converted into work release)

And so on.

There are there distinct groups of criminal offenses under California Law:

  • Infractions such as violations of municipal codes, traffic laws, and administrative regulations. Think of noise violations or getting a speeding ticket. Infractions are the least serious criminal offense and are not punishable by jail time. In some instances, you only need to pay a fine.
  • Misdemeanors such as trespassing, petty theft, and public intoxication. They are punishable by one year jail time and up to $1000-$2000 in fines.
  • Felony such as rape, kidnapping, arson, terrorism, and treason.
  • Felony is the most ‘serious’ crime in San Bernardino. Penalties include hefty fines, probation, significant jail time, and sometimes death. Felony charges also become a permanent part of your criminal record.

The stakes are even higher following the “Three Strikes” sentencing law. Here are answers to some common questions about the “Three Strike” law.

What is a ‘serious’ ‘strike’ prior?

Serious crimes under the “Three Strike” law include robbery, sex offenses like child molestation and rape, residential burglary, murder, kidnapping, arson, treason, terrorism, violence, and illegal use of explosives.

What happens with a one-strike prior?

If you have a one-strike prior and happen to be convicted of a new felony, you’ll be jailed for twice the duration prescribed for the new crime. You cannot be placed on probation or sent to rehab. In addition, you’ll have to serve 80% of the jail time even with good behavior. That’s opposed to 35-50% jail time for non-strikers.

 What happens with at least two ‘strike’ priors?

If you have two strike priors and facing a third serious crime, you’ll face a minimum of 25 years in prison. You’ll also serve 100% of your sentence even with good behavior and work ethics. After 25 years, you may be eligible for parole.

If you have two strike priors and your third offense is non-violent and non-serious, you can seek relief from your sentence. However, you’re not eligible for the sentence relief if one of the two priors involved murder, child molestation, or rape.

Besides fines and jail time, felony charges can affect your freedom to:

  • Live wherever you want
  • Practice under your professional license
  • Own or possess a firearm
  • Keep or get a job you want
  • Sit in a jury

It’s, therefore, best to hire a skilled San Bernardino criminal lawyer to help you navigate the prosecution process with ease.

Hiring a San Bernardino Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Streamline The Prosecution Process

The San Bernardino criminal justice system is not inclined to favor you. Yes, it’s possible to get justice with the aid of a skilled defense lawyer, but the deck is stacked against you from the onset.

To understand this, look at the high incarceration rates in San Bernardino and California State compared to the rest of the US and other NATO countries. (California maintains an average incarceration rate of 581 people per 100,000 citizens.)

With such rates, you are better off hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands the ins and outs of the San Bernardino justice system. Someone who understands what is at stake for you and is prepared to fight tooth and nail to, at least, lighten your sentence.

Seyb Law leverages decades of experience to help lighten the load in the trying times. We utilize unique courtroom strategies and superb negotiation skills to ensure you are protected from the unfair practices of the judicial system.

Is the evidence inadequate? Are DUI test results faulty? We are pro at seeking out and leveraging loopholes in the case for your good.

Bottom line, do not go to battle alone. Instead, arm yourself with reputable San Bernardino criminal lawyers – who will bring their A-game to all aspects of your case.

You’re Better Off With Hired Counsel

San Bernardino Criminal Lawyer

In San Bernardino, if you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be assigned to you – in a bid to attain just and fair outcomes regardless of your social-economic background.

Unfortunately, that’s rarely the reality on the ground.

Public attorneys or assigned counsel often have huge caseloads, varying competence, and scarce resources to handle criminal defense cases. That means you’re better off with a hired counsel than an assigned one. After all, hired counsel will only take on criminal cases they’re experienced and better poised to handle. They can also prioritize your case and provide customized legal representation – which yields better outcomes.

Can you imagine spending years in jail because your “assigned counsel” was too busy to follow through on crucial details of your case? It gets worse in cases of wrongful conviction. But you can avoid such a predicament by hiring an affordable San Bernardino criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court.

Beyond saving you money in the form of reduced jail term, saved career, and more; experienced criminal defense lawyer:

  • Understand San Bernardino County criminal justice system to the letter
  • Can speed up the prosecution process
  • Can curate a strong defense strategy
  • Can leverage existing relationships with prosecutors
  • Have likely tackled similar cases before
  • Understand the legal limits of what law enforcement can and cannot do, especially when obtaining evidence
  • Can give insights into possible outcomes
  • Can leverage their team to gather evidence, track down witnesses, and more.

Bottom line, don’t gamble with your freedom by opting for a public defender or assigned counsel. Instead, hire an affordable San Bernardino defense attorney and wave goodbye to lengthy trials, inadequately prepared cases, and wrongful convictions.

We’re Committed To Fighting & Winning Criminal Defense Cases

At Seyb Law, we have a reputation for undertaking tough cases and winning them. And the trick is in our comprehensive yet unrelenting approach to defense.

We have spent years in San Bernardino judicial corridors fighting for the rights and interests of accused persons, offering them invaluable experience in different criminal law areas, including:

  • Assault Crimes: Assault is considered a violent crime in California criminal law. That makes hiring an experienced legal representation essential for better outcomes.
  • Felony: Felonies charges like murder, rape, and robbery attract severe penalties. If charged with such crimes, do not hesitate to retain a high-caliber criminal defense.
  • Theft Crimes: San Bernard theft cases like petty theft, grand theft, and embezzlement have serious ramifications. You may face hefty fines and even jail terms.
  • Driving Under Influence: DUI carries substantial penalties. For instance, a first DUI conviction can put you on 3-year probation and attract hefty fines. Hiring a skilled defense attorney helps smoothen out the process and reduce the charges.
  • Sex Crimes: Sex crimes attract heavy penalties, not to mention severe backlash from the public and a tattered reputation. That can happen even before you’re found guilty. If accused of sex crimes, hire an experienced San Bernardino defense attorney promptly.

Protect Your Future With the Best San Bernardino Criminal Lawyer

If charged with a crime – no matter how petty it sounds – you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer in your corner. Someone who understands the ramifications of the said charges and is better poised to deliver positive outcomes. The San Bernardino criminal lawyers at Seyb Law Group provide dedicated and comprehensive representation to protect your interests. If charged with a crime, call or message us at 909-679-6505. Or schedule a free case evaluation.

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